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now EOL but still on my repo and i might continue development some time in the future


System-wide Features

  • Hide Status Bar

Home Screen Features

  • Hide Dock Background
  • Hide Folder Background
  • Hide Folder Icon Background
  • Hide Page Dots
  • Hide Icon Labels
  • Hide Testflight Dot
  • Hide Notification Badges
  • Disable App Library
  • Hide App Library Blur
  • Hide Folder Title
  • Disable Icon Fly
  • Set Number of Dock Icons

Lock Screen Features

  • Hide Quick Actions
  • Hide Lock Icon (Notched Only)
  • Hide Date
  • Use Compact Date Format
  • Hide "No Older Notifications"


  1. Install theos
  2. Plug your phone into your computer
  3. Run make do


You can contact me on Discord, propr#8888. You can also contact me on Twitter or email.