Mirror of my dwm fork on GitHub
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bbaovanc's dwm fork

Table of Contents




Features and Tweaks

  • Nord theme
  • Use bold version of system monospace font
  • Increase window borders to 4px
  • Add window rules
  • Don't force dmenu colors
  • Add keybinds
  • Enable color emoji support (will crash without libxft-bgra)

Window Rules

  • st-floating class: make it easy to make floating st windows)
  • Thunderbird compose window: make floating
  • Steam News: make floating
  • Steam Friends List: make floating
  • Dragon-drag-and-drop: make floating and don't swallow
  • Clipboard Editor (from dotfiles): make floating
  • Event Tester (xev): don't swallow


  1. Run make
  2. Run sudo make install

By default, dwm will be installed to /usr/local/bin and manpages to /usr/local/share/man/man1