Generate silly names such as MrEarmuffsifier742! CLI:
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Package containing various name generation methods. Originally on my NameGenerator project.


  • Easy to use
  • Imported as module
  • Always tested before release
  • Officially supports latest two versions of Python 3

How to Install

Run the command pip install libnamegen. If you want to specify a specific Python version to use for pip, use a command such as pip3 or pip3.8.

libnamegen requires the package libprogress, but it will automatically be installed by pip.



Generate one classic name without debug:

from libnamegen import classic

# this uses the defaults which are one name, debug disabled, and classic generator

Generate seven classic names with debug:

from libnamegen import classic

print(classic.gen(count=7, debug=True))
# print(classic.gen(7, True))  # also valid

Prompt the user for the amount of names, enable debug, and generate classic names:

from libnamegen import classic

amt = input("Amount of names to generate >> ")
count = int(amt)

names = classic.gen(count, true)
for name in names:

Generate one random name without debug:

from libnamegen import random


Generate one name using the random method 15 characters long:

from libnamegen import random


You can also import the entire libnamegen package, which will import all generation methods:

import libnamegen



libnamegen is licensed under the GPLv3 license. For more information, please refer to LICENSE.