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+++ title = "Checkra1n GUI on Other Distros" date = "2021-03-25T21:19:51-05:00" author = "bbaovanc" cover = "/blog/media/checkra1n-gui-on-arch-linux.png" tags = ["linux", "archlinux", "jailbreak", "checkra1n"] keywords = ["checkra1n", "gui", "linux", "arch linux"] description = "You can run the GUI version of checkra1n on non Debian-based distributions. (The GUI looks garbled here because I have a high DPI monitor)" showFullContent = false toc = true +++

The GUI above looks garbled because I have a high DPI monitor.


The official cross-distribution build of checkra1n only contains a CLI and TUI. However, the version available in the checkra1n APT repository also contains a GTK-based GUI which can be accessed using the --gui flag, or the included checkra1n.desktop file.

Other Distributions

First, download the package, availabe at\_VERSION\_amd64.deb (as of writing, VERSION is currently 0.12.2). Then, extract the checkra1n executable from the package, and install the correct shared libraries. Here are the most important ones, and their corresponding package names on Arch Linux:

  • (libimobiledevice)
  • (libirecovery)
  • (libtvcontrol)
  • (libplist)
  • (ncurses5-compat-libs)

I found these by running the binary and then finding and installing the package that contained the shared object file I was missing.

I also made an AUR package named checkra1n-gui, which does all this automatically.


As I expected, there is nothing preventing the checkra1n GUI from working on non Debian-based distributions (as far as I can tell).