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+++ title = "Put (edited) in the middle of a message in Discord" date = "2021-03-25T18:48:34-05:00" author = "bbaovanc" cover = "media/discord-tricks/edited-in-middle-of-message.png" tags = ["discord", "discord-tricks"] keywords = ["discord", "edited"] description = "With a bit of trickery using the RLE character (U+202B), you can get the (edited) text on a message to be somewhere other than at the end of the message." showFullContent = false +++


  1. Copy the "right-to-left embedding" character (U+202A) to your clipboard.
  2. Open editing box of a message
  3. Delete all text inside
  4. Paste the character
  5. Type the text you want on the right of (edited)
  6. Press space and paste the character
  7. Type the text you want on the left of (edited)

This post was adapted from gitea:bbaovanc/discord-tricks