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account.template Normal file
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# vim: filetype=neomuttrc
set imap_user = someone # IMAP username
set imap_pass = `pass` # get password from `pass`
set folder = "imaps://" # IMAP url
set spoolfile = +Inbox # Inbox
set record = +Sent # Sent (copy all sent messages to this mailbox)
set postponed = +Drafts # copy Drafts to here
set imap_check_subscribed # connect to all mailboxes
unset imap_passive # allow neomutt to automatically open a new IMAP connection
set imap_idle # connect with IMAP IDLE -- receive emails through push
set imap_keepalive = 300 # poll every x seconds to keep connection alive
set smtp_pass = $imap_pass # SMTP password same as IMAP password
set smtp_url = "smtps://$" # SMTP url
set ssl_force_tls = yes # force the use of TLS
set ssl_starttls = yes # force STARTTLS
set realname = "John Doe" # name shown on sent emails
set from = "" # from address
set use_from = yes # use the from address

colors Normal file
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# vim: filetype=neomuttrc
# This is nearly 100% copied from
# Default index colors:
color index yellow default '.*'
color index_author red default '.*'
color index_number blue default
color index_subject cyan default '.*'
# New mail is boldened:
color index brightyellow black "~N"
color index_author brightred black "~N"
color index_subject brightcyan black "~N"
# Tagged mail is highlighted:
color index brightyellow blue "~T"
color index_author brightred blue "~T"
color index_subject brightcyan blue "~T"
# Other colors and aesthetic settings:
mono bold bold
mono underline underline
mono indicator reverse
mono error bold
color normal default default
color indicator brightblack white
color sidebar_highlight red default
color sidebar_divider brightblack black
color sidebar_flagged red black
color sidebar_new green black
color normal brightyellow default
color error red default
color tilde black default
color message cyan default
color markers red white
color attachment white default
color search brightmagenta default
color status brightyellow black
color hdrdefault brightgreen default
color quoted green default
color quoted1 blue default
color quoted2 cyan default
color quoted3 yellow default
color quoted4 red default
color quoted5 brightred default
color signature brightgreen default
color bold black default
color underline black default
color normal default default
# Regex highlighting:
color header blue default ".*"
color header brightmagenta default "^(From)"
color header brightcyan default "^(Subject)"
color header brightwhite default "^(CC|BCC)"
color body brightred default "[\-\.+_a-zA-Z0-9]+@[\-\.a-zA-Z0-9]+" # Email addresses
color body brightblue default "(https?|ftp)://[\-\.,/%~_:?&=\#a-zA-Z0-9]+" # URL
color body green default "\`[^\`]*\`" # Green text between ` and `
color body brightblue default "^# \.*" # Headings as bold blue
color body brightcyan default "^## \.*" # Subheadings as bold cyan
color body brightgreen default "^### \.*" # Subsubheadings as bold green
color body yellow default "^(\t| )*(-|\\*) \.*" # List items as yellow
color body brightcyan default "[;:][-o][)/(|]" # emoticons
color body brightcyan default "[;:][)(|]" # emoticons
color body brightcyan default "[ ][*][^*]*[*][ ]?" # more emoticon?
color body brightcyan default "[ ]?[*][^*]*[*][ ]" # more emoticon?
color body red default "(BAD signature)"
color body cyan default "(Good signature)"
color body brightblack default "^gpg: Good signature .*"
color body brightyellow default "^gpg: "
color body brightyellow red "^gpg: BAD signature from.*"
mono body bold "^gpg: Good signature"
mono body bold "^gpg: BAD signature from.*"
color body red default "([a-z][a-z0-9+-]*://(((([a-z0-9_.!~*'();:&=+$,-]|%[0-9a-f][0-9a-f])*@)?((([a-z0-9]([a-z0-9-]*[a-z0-9])?)\\.)*([a-z]([a-z0-9-]*[a-z0-9])?)\\.?|[0-9]+\\.[0-9]+\\.[0-9]+\\.[0-9]+)(:[0-9]+)?)|([a-z0-9_.!~*'()$,;:@&=+-]|%[0-9a-f][0-9a-f])+)(/([a-z0-9_.!~*'():@&=+$,-]|%[0-9a-f][0-9a-f])*(;([a-z0-9_.!~*'():@&=+$,-]|%[0-9a-f][0-9a-f])*)*(/([a-z0-9_.!~*'():@&=+$,-]|%[0-9a-f][0-9a-f])*(;([a-z0-9_.!~*'():@&=+$,-]|%[0-9a-f][0-9a-f])*)*)*)?(\\?([a-z0-9_.!~*'();/?:@&=+$,-]|%[0-9a-f][0-9a-f])*)?(#([a-z0-9_.!~*'();/?:@&=+$,-]|%[0-9a-f][0-9a-f])*)?|(www|ftp)\\.(([a-z0-9]([a-z0-9-]*[a-z0-9])?)\\.)*([a-z]([a-z0-9-]*[a-z0-9])?)\\.?(:[0-9]+)?(/([-a-z0-9_.!~*'():@&=+$,]|%[0-9a-f][0-9a-f])*(;([-a-z0-9_.!~*'():@&=+$,]|%[0-9a-f][0-9a-f])*)*(/([-a-z0-9_.!~*'():@&=+$,]|%[0-9a-f][0-9a-f])*(;([-a-z0-9_.!~*'():@&=+$,]|%[0-9a-f][0-9a-f])*)*)*)?(\\?([-a-z0-9_.!~*'();/?:@&=+$,]|%[0-9a-f][0-9a-f])*)?(#([-a-z0-9_.!~*'();/?:@&=+$,]|%[0-9a-f][0-9a-f])*)?)[^].,:;!)? \t\r\n<>\"]"

dependencies.txt Normal file
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keybinds Normal file
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# vim: filetype=neomuttrc
# Heavy copy from
bind index,pager i noop
bind index,pager g noop
bind index \Cf noop
# General
bind index j next-entry
bind index k previous-entry
bind attach <return> view-mailcap
bind attach l view-mailcap
bind editor <space> noop
bind index G last-entry
bind index g noop
bind index gg first-entry
bind pager,attach h exit
bind pager j next-line
bind pager k previous-line
bind pager l view-attachments
bind index D delete-message
bind index U undelete-message
bind index L limit
bind index h noop
bind index l display-message
bind index M save-message
bind index,query <space> tag-entry
macro browser h '<change-dir><kill-line>..<enter>' "Go to parent folder"
bind index,pager H view-raw-message
bind browser l select-entry
bind pager,browser gg top-page
bind pager,browser G bottom-page
bind index,pager,browser d half-down
bind index,pager,browser u half-up
bind index,pager S sync-mailbox
bind index,pager R group-reply
# Mouse wheel
bind index \031 previous-undeleted
bind index \005 next-undeleted
bind pager \031 previous-line
bind pager \005 next-line
bind editor <Tab> complete-query
macro index,pager a "<pipe-message>abook --add-email-quiet<return>" "Add this sender to Abook"
macro index \Cr "T~U<enter><tag-prefix><clear-flag>N<untag-pattern>.<enter>" "Mark all messages as read"
macro index \Cu "T~U<enter><tag-prefix>N<untag-pattern>.<enter>" "Mark all messages as unread"
macro index A "<limit>all\n" "Show all messages (undo limit)"
# Sidebar
bind index,pager \Ck sidebar-prev
bind index,pager \Cj sidebar-next
bind index,pager \Co sidebar-open
bind index,pager \Cp sidebar-prev-new
bind index,pager \Cn sidebar-next-new
bind index,pager B sidebar-toggle-visible # bind B to toggle sidebar

mailcap Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
text/plain; $EDITOR %s ;
text/html; ~/.config/mutt/nixopen %s ; nametemplate=%s.html
text/html; lynx -assume_charset=%{charset} -display_charset=utf-8 -dump %s; nametemplate=%s.html; copiousoutput;
image/*; ~/.config/mutt/nixopen %s ;
video/*; ~/.config/mutt/nixopen %s ;
audio/*; ~/.config/mutt/nixopen %s ;
application/pdf; ~/.config/mutt/nixopen %s ;
application/pgp-encrypted; gpg -d '%s'; copiousoutput;
application/pgp-keys; gpg --import '%s'; copiousoutput;

muttrc Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,37 @@
# vim: filetype=neomuttrc
set header_cache = ~/.cache/mutt/header_cache # cache headers
set message_cachedir = ~/.cache/mutt # cache messages
set sidebar_visible = yes # enable sidebar
set sidebar_width = 20 # sidebar width
set sidebar_short_path = yes
set sidebar_next_new_wrap = yes # ctrl-j/k will wrap around
set sidebar_format = '%D%?F? [%F]?%* %?N?%N/? %?S?%S?' # sidebar format
set mail_check_stats # count unread/read messages
set query_command = "abook --mutt-query '%s'" # set up Abook
set mailcap_path = ~/.config/mutt/mailcap
set mime_type_query_command = "file --mime-type -b %s"
set date_format = "%m/%d/%y %I:%M%p"
set index_format = "%4C %Z %D %-15.15F %s (%-4.4c)"
set rfc2047_parameters = yes
set sort = threads
set sort_aux = reverse-date
set markers = no # disable `+` displayed at line wraps
set mark_old = no # only mark messages as read if they have been opened
set mime_forward = yes # attachments are also forwarded
set fast_reply # skip directly to compose when replying
set fcc_attach # save attachments with the body
set forward_format = "Fwd: %s" # forward subject format
set forward_quote # include message in forward
set reverse_name # reply as whoever it was sent to
set include # include message in replies
auto_view text/html # automatically show html
auto_view application/pgp-encrypted
alternative_order text/plain text/enriched text/html
source keybinds # load keybinds
source colors # load colors
source account # load account

nixopen Executable file
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@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
[ "$(uname -s)" = "Darwin" ] && prog="open" || prog="xdg-open"
$prog "$@"