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+++ title = "PeerTube" menu = "main"

description = """ PeerTube is a free and decentralized video platform meant as an alternative to services like YouTube. See the instance running on """ +++

What is PeerTube?

From JoinPeerTube1

PeerTube aspires to be a decentralized and free/libre alternative to video broadcasting services.

Our aim is not to replace them, but rather to simultaneously offer something else, with different values.

PeerTube uses ActivityPub, a federating protocol that allows you to interact with other software, provided they also use this protocol. For example, PeerTube and Mastodon -a Twitter alternative- are connected: you can follow a PeerTube user from Mastodon (the latest videos from the PeerTube account you follow will appear in your feed), and even comment on a PeerTube-hosted video directly from your Mastodon's account.

With PeerTube, choose your hosting company and the rules you believe in.

Direct contact with a human-scale hoster allows for two things: you no longer are the client of a huge tech company, and you can nurture a special relationship with your hoster, who distributes your data.

The PeerTube software can, whenever necessary, use a peer-to-peer protocol (P2P) to broadcast viral videos, lowering the load of their hosts.

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