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+++ title = "Pleroma" menu = "main"

description = """ Pleroma is a decentralized and federated microblogging service (similar to Twitter). See the instance running on """ +++

What is Pleroma?

From What Is Pleroma?1

Pleroma is a microblogging server software that can federate (= exchange messages with) other servers that support the same federation standards (OStatus and ActivityPub). What that means is that you can host a server for yourself or your friends and stay in control of your online identity, but still exchange messages with people on larger servers. Pleroma will federate with all servers that implement either OStatus or ActivityPub, like GNU Social, Friendica, Hubzilla and Mastodon.

Since it all uses ActivityPub in the background, that means that, for example, you can comment on a video from PeerTube using an existing account on an ActivityPub-compatible service such as Pleroma or Mastodon.2

Instance URL: